Monday, June 9, 2008

Why read this blog - well, it's about money

Welcome to my first blog as Frugal Texas Gal.

Saving money is probably something your parents told you to do. I know mine did. I had to save up my 50 cents of allowance each week to get my first pair of Kappas. Why I believed I needed them is beyond me at this point - but I did save up and get them. I wore them every single day!

Today the same principle applies. Whether it is a trip to Las Vegas or Kappas, saving up to get there allows you to enjoy the rewards with out debt. It is also important to appreciate those rewards (like wearing them everyday).

This blog is more than just "saving up" money. It will offer money saving tips, tips that some might call frugal. Being frugal though will increase your ability to save money. Every penny counts, start adding them up. I will also highlight other benefits which often include saving the environment and even bettering your health.

I also reserve the right for venting, venting about complainers, venting about our society's need for instant gratification.

Join me for a journey that can be fun and will allow you to keep a bit more money in your pocket.

Next topic, the first in a series: Energy - Money being sucked from your home.

Change for tomorrow!